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7.19.10: Train to Satna

Another looooong train ride..

Today we woke up, grabbed another memorable meal from Kamat Hotel and booked it to the train station, we had another lengthy ride ahead of us. We left at 8:30 am and would arrive to Satna at 7:30 the next morning where we would hire a driver for a three hour ride to Khajuraho where we were staying. Not much to say, not much to do.. We got lucky and got a whole berth to ourselves for most of the trip.
I read a book, jammed my iPod and tried to teach Max how to play rummy like a winner. We had a lovely catered lunch.
I would have rather had McDonalds.

We changed trains in Nagpur and had an opportunity to grab a bite to eat at a nice hotel nearby. It beat the hell out of meals on wheels.

Although we were in our own berth for the first part of the day, we weren't so lucky when we boarded our overnight train to Satna. I passed out around eleven and woke up to deafening obnoxious Hindi. It took me a minute to find out what the appalling racket was and as I came to, I noticed the guy on the bottom bunk was on his phone. This guy was like a talking machine, he didn't take a breath. It was like he was announcing at the Hindi horse races, this guy was incessant.

Sometimes peoples blatant lack of respect baffles me. I mean this guy was laying in a hallway space filled with three other people, one of who was not more than a foot apart from him and he's talking like a love struck twelve year old girl. He carried on the conversation for five minutes after I had woken up, not bothering to lower his voice even a decibel. I sat up and glared at him and I noticed that the other two people in the berth were doing the same. He made eye contact with me which did not deter his conversation in the slightest. After another minute of the one-man talk show I decided it was time for a chat.

“Excuse me.” I said sharply.

As he held up a finger as if to tell me to hold on, I repeated my interjection.

“Excuse me sir but some people are trying to sleep and if you're going to—“


He picked up his greasy little finger held it to his lips and Shhh’d me!
How are you gonna ‘Shh’ me when I'm ‘shhh’ing you!? Blasphemy!
I continued my reprimand.

“If you're gonna talk while people are sleeping take your damn phone out side!”

And he did.
I spent the next half hour trying to calm my heart rate from the beating I almost gave this guy and right as I was getting back into sleepy mode, IT happened….


The large Muslim man across from me didn't have as much trouble falling back asleep and drifted in dreamland leaving behind a eardrum shattering snore. I hate snoring. The only thing I hate more than snoring is people who claim they don’t snore and then cause earthquakes with their blaring nasal noises (that one was aimed at you, mother).
I can deal with snoring just fine once I'm asleep. Once I'm asleep, I'm good. I'll sleep through earthquakes, parties, hell, I'd have probably slept through Hiroshima had I been there or alive at the time. But falling asleep to an asshole farting out his nose is not a lullaby!

I put on my iPod, laid there for another hour or two and fell asleep to the musical styling’s of Mr. Al Green.

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I'm surprised you didn't just say, "Cali!"

You know how we roll... that would have put an end to all that nonsense!!

Luv ya!

by lvinson

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