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6.8.10: Lima, Peru

Lima: Feet=Pissed...Belly=Happy

Today was a long yet glorious day!
It started with a shower.. water pressure-nonexistant. Temperature sensitivity-extreme.
What a wake up. The hostal we stayed in provided a complimentary continental breakfast, we had only 3 choices, I chose eggs,toast,cheese,coffee,and juice. Juice was pineapple and awesome. Coffee was espresso, just my style and the eggs were sunny side up....sooooo not my style.

Eggs should be scrambled..always scrambled. But, Hey, it´s all about trying new things so I gave it a go. Not bad if I do say so myself...hit the spot actually. As long as I illiminate the thought of chicken fetus running fown my toast, I´m okay.

After breakfast we checked into our next hostel, The Inka Lounge Hostel in Mira Flores, which was pretty nice (a huge step up from the last one). No private bathrooms but much more homey. After we set down our bags we set off for Barranaco, a small seaside village of Lima, as my guidebook said it.. and it was!

The first place we visited was the Museo De Arte Colonial Pedro de Osma. It was a private museum in a historic, ornate Barranaco mansion.

It featured colonial, peruvian art, sculptures, paintings, silver and gold. It was really cool and the house was pimp.

Next, it was eating time! We stopped at Los Delfines, a small seafood restaurant by the beach.

We ordered ¨ceviche especial¨ which came out looking like an edible work of art!
We were so stoked at the size and presentation it took us a minute to figure out how to dive in. Hot peppers, Lime juice, onion, octapus, clams, scallops, whitefish, shrimp, and calamari with a side of yams, which oddly enough tasted like they belonged.
It was wonderful, especially for a dish I would never have ordered, had I known what was in it to begin with. The next course was Tacu-Tacu de la plancha (grilled mahi-mahi) which came over a heaping platter of rice and beans. Another to-die-for meal success.

After lunch we decided on an after meal cigarette which came in tiny packs of ten each.. perfect!


Then we just walked around Barranaco, visited an old church, went to the local library, walked along the beach.. it was overcast but still a nice walk. We found this really cool building that looked really well put together from the front, but was falling to pieces in the back.

We must have walked ten miles that day. We got back to the hostal and my feet were PISSED!... LIVID! My shins were plotting against me and I´m questioning whether or not my body is going to gang up on me and implode.... soo THIS is what exercise feels like huh¿

We relaxed for a lil while, drank some coca tea and decided that it was time for dinner. We strolled down the street and into a nice steak restaurant. For 30 bucks we got a bottle of red wine, salad, french fries, steak, chicken, and pork.. enough to stuff us both to the brim. mmmmm worth it! Tomorrow we fly to cusco early in the morn...


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6.7.10: L.A. to Lima Peru

The Journey Begins...

I woke up this morning, smiling in anticipation. I think the gloriousness of the day contributed to my stellar review of continental breakfast at the Los Angeles La Quinta, because that shit was goooood.

My first flight to Houston was one of the most comfy flights I´ve ever had. The highlight was the outlets under the passenger seats, a phenomenon I'd never seen before. Video screens were plastered on the back of the headrests, complete with free movies, games, tv shows, etc. I played Texas Hold Em with other passengers before catching a few ZZZ´s. Our flight got in about ten minutes late and with only a one hout layover, we started haulin' ass... for no reason, apparently, because our flight to Lima was an hr and a half late. They notified us that the plane we were supposed to take was struck by lightning so they had to find a new one. Joy. No video screens, no outlets, just an overzealous mustached man who wanted to share way to much. (I´m also pretty sure he was reading this as I was writing it in my journal... didn´t stop him from chatting though.)

We finally got into Lima around midnight and was greeted (along with about 70 others) with a sign with my name one it ¨Emilie Coihn¨... close enough.

Driving through Lima nostalgically reminded me of Mexico, back in the day. Ah the good 'ol days when you could walk across the border without fear of getting shot.

After a 20 minute drive we got to our Hostel, which one can only hope is on the low scale of things, as far as hostels go. It was called ¨The flying dog hostal¨but by the looks of things, I think ¨Three-legged, dying dog¨would have been more appropriate. But I´m not picky.

We immediately asked for two cervesas which were delivered cold and huge and did not disappoint! We attempted to play pool on a table that I can only assume was donated by a Salvation Army. There were only 4 solids, so we decided that the 13 and the 15 stripes would count as my solids and the 4 would be played as the 8ball because that was non-existant as well. This would have sufficed had I not realized, that there were three 13´s on the table with totally screwed the whole plan. We played anyway and had a good laugh. We drank our Peruvian, Tranca, beers and retired.

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